HYPE for IBM Connections

IBM Connections is a leading social business platform for large enterprises. HYPE delivers add-on innovation capabilities to enrich the IBM Connections experience.

Bring collaborative innovation to your social business platform, with HYPE’s integration for IBM Connections. You can run idea campaigns in IBM Connections and import ideas from your ideation blog into your HYPE platform for further evaluation, elaboration, and implementation. Status updates and new comments for imported ideas, as well as the latest campaign statistics, will be published in your activity stream in IBM Connections, providing you with a seamless integration of an existing collaboration platform with your innovation management system.

HYPE for IBM Connections includes: 

  • Campaign-based ideation in IBM Connections
  • One-click import of Ideation Blog ideas to HYPE including votes, comments, and visits by your community
  • Information transfer from HYPE such as campaign picture, description, audience selection, diagrams
  • Support for IBM Connections’ Activity Stream: campaign updates from HYPE are being displayed in IBM Connections, including idea progress, new comments, and the latest participation statistics
  • A new statistics widget for IBM communities including campaign information such as start and closing dates, campaign sponsor details, and campaign statistics
  • IBM Connections Explorer in HYPE to review campaigns and import ideas
  • Option to map existing communities in IBM Connections to existing campaigns in HYPE
  • Incorporating IBM business cards including a user’s online status in HYPE
IBM Connections App - Powered by HYPE